Adamite Rolls

Main Features:

The carbon content of the alloy adamite roll is usually between 1.2 ~ 2.3%, the compositions contain Cr, Ni, Mo and other alloy elements. After a special heat treatment process, compared with alloy cast steel roll it has a good abrasion resistance, and compared with cast iron roll it has a good strength and toughness. The adamite roll’s prominent feature is the small variation in hardness of shell, and has a good abrasion resistance and bite performance, In addition, the adamite roll is cast as a whole, there is no weak interface in compound casting roll, and thus it has a better anti-accident capacity.

Main Application:

Work roll, backup roll and vertical roll for section steel, wire rod and bar rough rolling, medium rolling mill, large and medium section steel, rail beams, steel billet mill, universal section steel mill; hot-rolling sheet steel and strip rough rolling mill.


For rolls the maximum furnace capacity is approximately 40 tons.
Although the maximum weight of finished machined products are approximately 26 tons.
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